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23rd January
written by Sean Noble

The problem with President Obama’s executive order to close Guantanamo Bay within a year is that we must have some place to detain very dangerous people.  Few people like that idea of bringing accused terrorists to American soil, but Congressman John Murtha has offered to house them in his district.  That’s insane, and probably won’t set well with his constituents.

To get an idea of where Obama is seeking advice, Members of the House Intelligence Committee were able to read his draft executive order on the ACLU website before they were given a copy by the White House.  That makes me feel safe…

These are not your run-of-the-mill criminals.  These are people who have essential sworn an oath to destroy America or kills themselves trying.  By housing these terrorists on American soil, we are inviting additional terrorist attacks.

If President Obama doesn’t take the war on terror seriously, we are going to see the dire consequences of more terrorist attacks on American soil.

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  1. 23/01/2009

    Don’t move prisoners to the US because that would cause terrorist attacks hey? I imagine that seems logical because terrorists are only forgoing attacks because of their sympathy to the Cubans who might possibly be harmed hmmm.

    I am unwilling to accept arguments in favor of continuing operation of the Guantanamo prison camp until all those kidnapped individuals have obtained due process of law. The people slinging around “worst of the worst” fear high and low have had seven years to conform to the rule of law, they haven’t done it and they don’t deserve any more than one more year to resolve this pox on America.

  2. Elle

    People will say what they want about Bush, but at least we were safe from terrorist attacks on American soil after September 11th under his watch. We can’t afford to move backwards in the war on terror, and I’m afraid we might be headed that way… The fact that the ACLU had access to the draft before the Intel Committee sends a chill up my spine.

  3. 26/01/2009

    I’m sorry Thane Eichenaur, but why would Cuba ever be the target of a terrorist attack? Combined with Venezuela they have been one of the greatest antagonists of US world activity since JFK. There Just check this op-ed from Forbes and ask yourself again why terrorists haven’t attacked Cuba. after all they haven’t attacked Iran either:

  4. Michael

    Thane, since you seem to be such an advocate for these “kidnapped individuals” you would oviously be willing to let them stay with you upon their release. The point I’m trying to make is this, apply a version of the golden rule. If you want them released so bad, then you would have no objection to introducing them to your family or having them live within and around you and your loved ones. They could share their hatred for America and deviant plans with you on a daily basis.

    The point is to be proactive enough to stop terrorism before it happens. If you knew there was someone out there hatching a plan to kill you and your loved ones, you’re suggesting we wait until they actually kill you before we do anything about it. I would absolutely expect my government to do all it could to keep these people from acting on their evil plans, just as you would expect the local civil authorities to do something about your sure knowledge of your pending murder by someone you have identified beforehand.

  5. Michael

    One more thing. The blood will be on Obama’s hands when one of these released individuals finally commits an atrocity of unspeakable proportions……….

  6. 21/02/2009

    I’ll make a last comment in response to those folks above. I don’t have to open my house to those alleged terrorists, I didn’t kidnap them. The government broke the peace and it is incumbent upon the government to restore the peace.
    The people who committed positive acts kidnapping them need to defend their actions each and every day they keep unconvicted people caged up.
    There are at least one group willing to take in the Uyghur captives. I think that all claims that there isn’t anywhere to let them go is yet another pitiful and cowardly excuse to deprive the captives of their freedom.
    As for inferring that the captives are deviants, who captured who and who tortured who. All the proof so far is that the deviant behavior has been perpetrated by the US Government.
    As for the prisoners hate for America, do you think their level of hate is going to go up or stay the same if the government diddles around for another 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or 24 months before they are given a trial or freedom? How about we try reducing the hate earned by the US Government by dishing out some justice?

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