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23rd January
written by Sean Noble

 In a very interesting, and unexpected, twist on Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, New York Gov. Dave Paterson is going to appoint Kirsten Gillibrand, a second term Congresswoman from upstate New York.

This is a very smart move on Paterson’s part.  Gillibrand is from one of the most Republican districts in New York.  She won her seat after Congressman John Sweeney was busted on drunken driving charges with a woman other than his wife in the car in the wee hours of the morning.

Gillibrand then defended her last November against a multi-millionaire Republican in what was the most expensive Congressional race in the country.

Having Gillibrand on the statewide ticket will help all other statewide Democrats.  But the liberals in New York don’t see it that way – their screaming bloody murder.  Well, not all liberals.  The person pushing Gillibrand the hardest was Senator Chuck Schumer. 

Schumer is a smart, ruthless, self-absorbed kind of guy.  And he is a bully.  I watched him first-hand when I was staffing the Waco hearings back in 1995.  He would badger witnesses that he didn’t like, he played to the press every time he opened his mouth.  In short, he tried to make the hearings into a circus as to discredit the importance of them.

So, now Gillibrand will join Chuck’s circus in the Senate.  Word of caution for her: don’t get between Chuck and a news camera, you’ll get run over by Chuck.

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