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21st January
written by Sean Noble

Arizona’s Republican Secretary of State, Jan Brewer, was sworn in as the new Governor today in an inaugural ceremony at the State Capital.  The standing-room-only crowd heard an interesting contrast between President Obama’s inaugural address yesterday, and Gov. Brewer’s address today. 

Obama’s laid out how bad it was, who was to blame, that we needed to have a “government that works” and that our faith and hope in government will get us through the troubled times.  Brewer laid out the budget problems we face in Arizona, said that “government is going to get smaller” and it is through personal creativity, determination and entrepreneurial spirit that will get us through troubled times.

In her speech, Gov. Brewer echoed Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan – she talked about freedom.  The best part of the speech for me was this:

“I’m therefore pleased to report that the legislative leadership, my transition team and I are not sitting idle while the new government in Washington plans another trillion dollars in deficit spending. No, we are planning a massive stimulus package of our own, to make Arizona the most economically vibrant place in the world. And just like the clever folks in Washington, we have a catchy name for it: It’s called “freedom.””


Now there is something we can cheer about.

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  1. Thomas Grier

    It was a breath of fresh air to hear her inauguration speech. The last 2 days , on retrospect, Obama’s inaugural speech was a symoblic representation of the left and how it operates. The tools of choice are to blame Republicans, blame American overindulgence, and inflate victim ideologies. It was a breath of fresh air hear positive speech. The only thing that bothered me was the ending speech or benediction, well it was supposed to be a benediction but the Rabbi felt impressed to give a talk. I don’t know why that bugged me 🙂

  2. Lance Entrekin


    I agree, but unfortunately, prayers at political events always wind up becoming political speeches (“…and please bless us all that we may again appreciate the importance of subsidized student loans…”) At least the Rabbi refrained from praying that the US would become a place where “the red man can get ahead man,” as was done in the presidential inaugral benediction.

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