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20th January
written by Sean Noble

Here is a really interesting link that shows the reaction of the stock market to inuagurations of the past.  Obama now holds the record of the largest drop in modern times (down 332 points today).  Not surprising to me, Reagan’s two inaugurations were the top two gains in the market.

Policies have consequences, and Obama’s speech did not stray far from what we expected to hear – that there are lots of government solutions coming our way.

Now, we’re still in the afterglow of an historic day, so I’ll give Obama the benefit of the doubt and see if things get better tomorrow.

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  1. Robert

    Even if Obama is “successful”, won’t that just mean that we have lost freedom? Yes, his election is historic and I for one am elated for our country that an African-American has been elected President, but his voting record and his history leads me to believe that while his election was a good step toward healing old wounds, his “successful” Presidency will be a disaster for the freedoms our Country was founded on.

  2. 20/01/2009

    Thanks for the link. However, before today, Reagan held both the best (1985 +2.77%) and the worst (1981 -2.09%) one day moves. Seems like every time a new president takes office, the market slides. Probably the uncertainty. Good luck.

  3. 20/01/2009

    Sean if we use the same reasoning the Dems did the entire 8 years of President Bush’s administration, its all Obama’s fault. Hurricanes, floods, draught, famine, will all be Obama’s doing. Remember, his ‘fans’ think he is the Messiah. How soon they will learn.

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  5. Thomas Grier

    Reagan warned against inaction and now we have taken our children and “sentence(ed) them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.” Dramatic, maybe.I see today as a dark day in our history rather than the historic “leg tingling” event that Mathews would have us believe.

  6. The only thinking person here apparently

    wow. racism, ignorance, propoganda, lies, hatred, fearmongering. bet you guys all go to church huh? Conservatives today disgust me almost as bad as democrats used to. y doncha check out what your hero’s wife said about Obama on sept 8, 2009. Bet that really would cut a huge whole in your whole thinking if you were rational individuals huh? I’m betting it won’t stop you at all.

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