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20th January
written by Sean Noble

Barack Obama is now officially the President of the United States of America.  As I noted in a quick twitter post, his stumbling over the words of the oath of office prove that he is human afterall.

His speech was unexceptional in the sense that he didn’t say anything unexpected. 

One note of trivia: Reagan’s First Inaugural Address was 2,433 words.  Obama’s was 2,403.  Of course, Reagan acknowledged a number of people before saying “fellow citizens” so it may have acutally been pretty darn close to exactly the same number of words.

And you can bet that Obama’s speechwriters checked those kinds of things.

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  1. Brad

    Actually, Chief Justice John Roberts messed up the oath, and then Obama simply said what Roberts said.

    John Roberts was supposed to say “I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States” but instead said “I will execute the office of President of the United States faithfully”.

    He’s still human though and despite all the hype surrounding him, he’s never claimed otherwise.

  2. 20/01/2009

    Obama was trying to repeat the oath as it’s supposed to be written; it was Roberts who slipped up.

  3. Aviele

    I have mixed feelings about this new direction after viewing today’s inauguration. Sean, you mention in a Twitter update that you heard “some things . . . call us to a higher purpose – some things . . . make me nervous” and I must say I share that sentiment.

    Now, I know you’re thinking “What???” as you know I have long been more on the Democratic/liberal side of the fence. However, I really have reservations about what I heard/witnessed today. I can’t be sure if it is the ghost of my father (who was very nearly a John Bircher, and was an ultra-conservative, conspiracy-believing Republican) whispering to me, or if it’s my old age casting doubt on everything around me.

    Obama seems genuine, and either he is for real, or he is an excellent actor. And I don’t personally care for Michelle. I have seen nothing that has endeared me to her in any way.

    Much of his rhetoric was expected, but the way he basically told America to get up and get moving (not the exact words) made me chuckle. He sounded like a parent speaking to his children who are feeling sorry for themselves. I liked that he said he would examine programs and if they were not working, he’d cut them. We’ll see if he does.

    Now, the English-teacher part of me MUST comment on the poet and her reading…Boooo. Had Clinton not already had Maya Angelou to be his poet for his inauguration, she would have been a much better poet than today’s. My students (yes we watched) commented that it didn’t even sound like a poem. When I told them to listen, they thought she was just talking. There was no cadence or rhythm in her poetry…and without good structure and delivery, it’s just a bunch of words!

  4. 20/01/2009

    In fairness, however, while President Obama has never directly claimed to be anything other than human (colloquially speaking,) many of his surrogates have been substantially more direct with such claims. There’s a reason why he’s been frequently referred to in the press as “The One” or “The Messiah.” It is my opinion that many people who voted for Mr. Obama will be sorrily disappointed in his performance as president. He will not or cannot follow through on all he has promised. Here’s hoping that he succeeds in all the matters that are truly important and constructive for our world.

  5. Thomas Grier

    I tune out when an inaugural address makes an indictment of the western world. I think I will remain part of the loyal opposition. Do I wish him success? Yes, though success is impossible with his ideological mindset. I guess that is why when I listened to the speech, it only made me sick to listen to empty platitudes…

  6. Paul Frost

    Sean, I enjoyed reading your comments and thoughts. I’ll keep up to date on your postings!

    And we shall see what Mr. Obama does. One thing is for sure: the media LOVE the man!

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