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16th January
written by Sean Noble

Today’s Wall Street Journal carries an excellent op-ed by Peter Wehner and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) (picture below for the ladies) regarding the threat of the United States moving from a market-based economy to  a “political economy” with the government picking winners and losers.

As they point out, nowhere is this threat more real than with health care.  Obama and the Congressional Democrats are going to push us toward a socialized system and the American people need to wake up and figure out that they need to stop it… their life depends on it.

Congressman Paul Ryan

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  1. Ginni

    First off- thanks for the picture.

    How disconcerting is it that the American people are on the road to embracing government-run health care (and government-run everything else, really)? Sure, universal health care a lovely idea…in theory. But people who have decided that a huge government under Barack Obama is the answer to all their problems need to be careful what they wish for; they might just get it- at the expense of our individual freedom and all of the values on which our country was built.

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