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15th January
written by Sean Noble

It’s no surprise that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already breaking her word on important issues in Congress. Congressman John Shadegg put out a press release yesterday regarding committee ratios — that is, the number of Democrats on a committee versus the number of Republicans.


Shadegg Condemns Pelosi for Undermining Obama’s Promise of Post-Partisanship

Throughout his campaign for President, Barack Obama promised to move Washington, D.C. to a period of ‘post-partisanship.’   Speaker Pelosi echoed that sentiment when she said that Congress must move forward ‘with spirited debate and without partisan deadlock or delay.’

“However, just one week later, it has been announced that Democrats will have a 14-member advantage on the Energy and Commerce Committee.  The last time a party held such a large advantage on this Committee was from 1977 to 1978, when Democrats held 35 more seats then they hold today.  In doing this, Pelosi and leading Democrats are already stifling minority voices at the crucial level where legislation is drafted and debated.”


If it were just a power-play on a couple committees to ensure that Republican voices would be silenced, that would be one thing, but her draconian measures are also in direct conflict with our national security concerns.


After the 2006 elections when Democrats regained control of Congress, Pelosi said, ‘on the first day we control Congress, we will begin by passing all of the 9/11 Commission recommendations.’


However, this week she unveiled a plan stacking the House Select Committee on Intelligence with more Democrats and removing a number of Republicans with complete disregard to the 9/11 Commission recommendations.  Page 421 of the 9/11 Commission report reads, “the majority party’s representation on this committee should never exceed the minority’s representation by more than one.”


This is a pretty major sidestep of a pretty important policy recommendation, but don’t expect to read about this power-play in the mainstream press.  They continue to give Pelosi a complete pass.

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  1. Kelley

    Sure, Pelosi wants “spirited debate,” as long as everyone is following her talking points; the second you stray from those and you’re done. And stampeding the minority is a good way to avoid “partisan deadlock.” It’s just a shame she is doing this at the expense of the American people and our national security.

  2. Jake

    Committee ratios are not the only way Democrats are breaking their promise of bi-partisanship.

    Democrats on Tuesday released an almost 300-page SCHIP bill that dramatically increases the role of government in health care without Republican input. This massive bill has had no congressional hearings and no markup at which Members could offer alternatives or suggestions to improve the bill. Democrats allowed only a single day’s notice to review the bill. Once again, Republicans will have little to no say on this piece of important legislation – and the voices of nearly half of all Americans will be silenced.

  3. Carol

    The concept of “post-partisanship” is an elitist smokescreen. There are two parties who will act in their best interest.

    That’s why we need skillful statesmen who will work out compromise along the way in furtherance of the public good. Unfortunately, sometimes those compromises come along and no one recognizes them for what they are –the best deal that could or ever would be cut–and the opportunity lapses.

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