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13th January
written by Sean Noble

President-elect Barack Obama has successfully pushed the Gov. Blagojevich scandal from the front pages by privately pressuring Senate Democrats to accept Roland Burris in the Senate.  With Obama’s inauguration around the corner, and confirmation hearings for cabinet members starting this week, Obama has a strong desire to get the Blago scandal behind him.

So, Obama gets what he wants – a Black Senator completely indebted to him, and Blago gets what he wants, a Senator and a President who owe him.  Make no mistake about it, Blago has sold the Senate seat, only the payment will now be a pardon at the end of Obama’s presidency.  You heard it here first.  

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  1. 13/01/2009

    Of course, it was an embarrassment for Barack Obama, seeing how Gov. Blagojevich embarrassed OB… I betcha that there is deep resentment coming from the OB team that does not meet the media’s close eye. It is no real secret that OB and Blagojevich do not really “get along” other than “amicable” before the public eye. Furthermore, I doubt if
    Blagojevich, should he be tried and convicted in a federal court of charges that are surely to come soon, that he would be pardoned at the end of the OB presidency… Only time will tell…..

  2. Thomas Grier

    I think you are right on the money with Blago. Blago’s press conference citing his “impeachable offenses” set the groundwork for everything you mention……I think Blago going for a jog a few weeks ago after they voted to impeach him was symbolic of him letting the world know, ” I am going to get away with this and go screw yourself.”

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