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10th January
written by Sean Noble

The Maricopa County Republican Committee met today to vote for new County Party officers.  More than 1,600 Republicans represented either in person or by proxy – a massive turnout compared to recent history.  There were two distinct “slates” that were run with former LD 11 Chairman Rob Haney leading one slate and LD 21 Chairman Jerry Brooks leading the other.

In the end, Haney won the chairmanship, but there was “slate hopping” as the positions of 1st Vice-Chair and Treasurer went to the Brooks slate and the position of Secretary ended in a tie (a handcount was authorized and if it is still a tie after the count, it will be decided by lot, as is the law in Arizona.)

Haney once again proved that he is a tireless worker and that clearly helped him today.  It is no secret that I vigorously opposed his election, and I even gave the nominating speech for Jerry Brooks (there were supposed to be two other seconding speeches, but that was cut-off in some confusion by out-going County Chairman Tom Husband).  I also organized the PC’s in a number of precincts in LD 6 and helped get three dozen votes to the meeting.

In the end, Haney outworked us, and I give him credit for that.  I’ve been in politics too long to not acknowledge the success of an opponent, particularly one within the party, after all, we certainly have more that we agree on than we would with the Democrat agenda. 

I went up to Rob after the meeting and shook his hand, congratulated him and acknowledged his hard work.  He was gracious enough to acknowledge my hard work. I told him that I looked forward to find ways to work with him to unite the party.  And I meant it.

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  1. Kim Owens

    I second that emotion!

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