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8th January
written by Sean Noble

As Greg at espressopundit has covered, for the better part of three years, the newspaper industry is collapsing.  As one peice piece of evidence of that demise, four recently laid-off political reporters have started a news website called The Arizona Guardian.  They launched at the beginning of the year, and have had some pretty good coverage.

When I first went to the site, it asked me to set up a login, which I thought was a little odd – but I did it.  When I went on the site tonight and tried clicking on a story, this is what popped up:


Purchase New Subscription

Subscriptions History

Here are the available subscription plans. Choose a plan, then click a payment gateway button. After completing your purchase you will receive immediate access to subscriber only content.
Subscrption Plans

1 Months   $ 10.00
1 Months   $ 10.00
1 Months   $ 10.00
1 Months   $ 10.00
1 Months   $ 10.00
If you have Coupon or Gift Certificate number, enter it here before click payment button

No Payment processor installed or published


Huh?  It’s now a subscribtion service?  I suppose that may have been the plan all along, but I’m guessing that it is also because they didn’t get as many advertisers as they had hoped for.  What’s worse, there is no way to actually sign up for the subscription.  Above you will notice some text that says, “No payment proccessor installed or published.”  So, even those who are willing to pay (like me) can’t, and so there are what appear to be pretty good stories that are completely inaccessible.  Not a great way to report the news.

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  1. Shanna

    “Not a great way to report the news.”……. neither is a misspelled word in your second sentence, Sean. 🙂

  2. Sean Noble

    Thanks for the catch Shanna. I’ve lined out the wrong spelling and added the right.

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