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7th January
written by Sean Noble

There are moments when I stop to reflect on the world around me, and sometimes I am very skeptical about the future of our state and country, and other times I have great faith that our best days are yet to come.

Last night was one of those moments when the future looks very bright.  I attended a fundraising event for incoming Arizona State Speaker of the House Kirk Adams.  This is a young guy who has leadership, resolve and vision.  His election to the Speakership created one of those “shock and awe” moments among the political chattering class because not many people believed the previous Speaker could be beat.

What made last night all the more poignant was that the event was held at Be Nun I Kin, the former home of Senator Barry Goldwater that was beautifully restored by Karen and Bob Hobbs (a couple of the most gracious hosts in Arizona).

Standing on the back patio taking in the beautiful view of the valley, I was content to know that Goldwater’s principles of limited government, expanded personal freedom and personal responsibility will be championed by another young,up-and-coming conservative Arizonan in the form of Kirk Adams.

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  1. Carol

    What a beautiful backdrop for Goldwater’s Native American art collection. He valued and appreciated the artistic talent found in our Arizona tribes. When I visited his D.C. office when I was a girl I remember enjoying his Kachina collection, never imagining how valuable it was.

  2. Kresh

    Where would one get a transcript of the speech?

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