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6th January
written by Sean Noble

One of the smartest people you likely don’t know is Alan Maguire.  Alan is an institution in Arizona, the guy that Governors, Senators, Congressman, Speakers (of the House), Presidents (of the Senate), state agencies, counties, cities, call when they need help.  He is a first-class economist, brilliant strategist and a master of organizational dynamics.

And, he is a lonely man.

Right now, Maguire is one of the only people out there trying to get people to understand the severity of Arizona’s state budget crisis.  I have written a piece on this topic that is posted on the Deep Thinking  portion of this blog.

The bottom line is that the state is out of actual cash for operating expenses, our bond rating is at risk, we are $1.2 billion in the hole for the period between now and June 09, and then we are another $3 billion in the hole for 2010.  Why?  Because Janet Napolitano grew state government at a staggering 63% in just four years!  And we think Congress is bad…

It’ s all Janet’s fault.

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  1. M

    All the more reason why she needs to be hauled off to Washington where she is handed a budget. I’m a lot more comfortable with the thought of a Conservative government handling the budget.

    I sincerely hope, however, that Arizona Republicans have learned from the mistakes made by the all R government in DC, that led to an all D government.

  2. Brian

    Alan is a brilliant, unheralded professional who has done an amazing job advising legislative leadership over the years, even serving dutifully on various task forces and committees while ensuring conservative fiscal values are upheld and furthered. Hopefully we will have his sage advice for a long time to come, as we need some realistic and not political views of our budget crisis.

  3. John Doe

    Republicans deserve some blame for this as well. They put an immigration nut in charge of the Appropriations Committee, choose a Senate President who couldn’t wait to make a deal with the Governor, a Speaker who always seemed two or three days late to the party, and they have yet to ffer much of a vision for the State. When AZ is crying for leadership, we hear crickets chirping frrom the legislature and Brewer is saying that tax increases are on the table. However, Senate President Burns does appear to understand how big a problem the budget is, since he has indicated that he will not move any other bills until the budget is completerd. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that they have learned their lessons.

  4. 07/01/2009

    The time for blame is gone. It is time for solutions and leadership and Arizona was just handed a golden opportunity. Now it is time for the new legislature and governor to come through. We are watching.

  5. Reed

    This is a perfect opportunity let us hope they don’t screw us like the Republican controlled house pre 2006

  6. Kurt

    Alan is exactly the kind of person that a new Governor should ask for 6 months to a year of service to our state…A class act. Kurt

  7. 06/02/2009

    I found your site on google and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work.

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