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5th January
written by Sean Noble

Barack Obama’s transition from U.S. Senator to the Presidency is not going as smoothly as it should for “The One.”  New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was Obama’s first high profile Hispanic nominee for the Cabinet (Dept. of Commerce) but Richardson withdrew his name from nomination as a result of a federal investigation into a “pay to play” scheme in which prosecutors allege that Richardson awarded lucrative state contracts to political donors.

The Politico – which offers the best political coverage in D.C. – has an interesting story about how Obama’s vetters didn’t get the scoop on this investigation.  So now we have people “vetting” the vetters

The issue about whether the vetting process was done appropriately will certainly emerge during the confirmation hearings of a variety of potential Obama Administration officials.  You can bet that the “vetting” done by Republican Senate staff is going to be pretty thorough.

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  1. M

    I just hope the Senate gets Napolitano through quickly so we can start righting the ship here at home.

  2. Frank M

    I hate Napolitano….She is really going to screw up this country

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