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5th January
written by Sean Noble

The selection of Leon Panetta as the new CIA Director is so bad that even leading Democrats are criticizing the choice.  The LA Times is reporting  that incoming Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Diane Feinstein, was not informed of the decision and that she may oppose the appointment.   Outgoing Senate Intel Chairman, John D. Rockefeller is said to “have concerns” about the nomination.

I think this is a blunder by Obama.  Panetta is a former Congressman (he was Chairman of the Budget Committee) then served as Clinton’s budget director before being tapped as Clinton’s Chief of Staff.  None of his experience prepares him to lead one of the most important agencies of the federal government as we continue to battle terrorism across the globe.

My knowledge of intelligence issues is limited to Robert Ludlum  novels, but here is a quote from the article that struck a cord with me: “If you go in thinking your experience someplace else is going to transfer, it doesn’t,” said the former high-ranking CIA official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

I understand that the CIA has been a disaster, but bringing in someone with no intelligence background is a mistake.  This is a political power-play by Obama Rahm Emmanuel.  Besides, how many Clinton alums are we going to have to tolerate?

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  1. 05/01/2009

    Sounds kinda like Paul Wolfowitz being appointed head of the Wold Bank….

    Or Brown being appointed head of FEMA….

    I think cronyism is the 800 pound guerrilla in the room. Everybody knows its there, but nobody wants to point it out. This is a problem for both parties, though with the Democrats now in charge, the spotlight will be focused squarely to the left.

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