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5th January
written by Sean Noble

The best book ever written about campaign strategy and tactics was written by Stephen Shadegg, father of Congressman John Shadegg.

How To Win An Election is a timeless  must-have handbook for anyone who ever even has a faint desire to run for public office.  On occasion during campaigns reporters will ask me about this or that strategy and my response is always the same: we’re running by the book.  They rarely ask the follow-up of what I mean, because they think I’m being coy, but I’m being honest – we run campaigns by the book How to Win an Election.

Chapter 14 of the book is entitled, “Don’t let them steal it from you.”  In it, Shadegg points out that the best prevention of voter fraud comes by not allowing unqualified voters from getting a ballot in the first place.  Here is a poignant paragraph:

Once a fraudulent vote has been cast and counted, it is difficult if not impossible to correct the error.  The secrecy of the ballot in this country gives the dishonest as well as the honest vote equal standing once the tally has been made.  It is relatively simple to prevent an unqualified voter from voting.  It is almost impossible to change the outcome or even to detect the fraud after the ballot has been placed in the box or the voter has been permitted to use the machine.

The circus that is going on in Minnesota is yet another example the potential theft of an election.  Al Franken (really? Al Franken?!?) is about to be declared the winner of the U.S. Senate race over incumbent Norm Coleman.  However, the questions about ballots and votes means that this race will remain in the courts for weeks, if not months.

At a minimum, this spectacle should serve as a catalyst to coming up with some solutions to prevent voter fraud.  A minimum in every state should be requiring identification when you show up at the polls.

Update: Thanks to Corey for the link to the book on Amazon.

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  1. Corey
  2. Frank M

    I knew this from the get go though, although I hope Coleman begins to fight tooth and nail creating as much publicity as possible. If we lose the seat at least we can damage the Democrats some more.

    I am getting a nice feeling for 2010 🙂

  3. 05/01/2009

    But Sean, he’s good enough and smart enough, and doggon-it, people like him!

  4. M

    The voters of Minnesota are really going to get what they bought as soon as Franken opens his mouth on the Senate floor and casts a few votes.

  5. 05/01/2009

    Being a recent resident of Minnesota, I do not think the voters really care about Franken’s qualifications. After all, professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura was elected governor, and proved an absolute disaster.

    Minnesota Democrats should be ashamed as they passed up a well qualified candidate, Mike Ciresi, in the primaries in preference for Franken.

  6. 09/01/2009

    Very well said Sean. Who knows how many unqualified voters were allowed to cast ballots in that race? Or how many fradulent ballots magically found their way into the ballot box? Once they’re in, they’re nearly impossible to detect. And the closer the race, the easier to steal it.

    P.S. Thanks for linking to my anti-Franken Web ad!

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