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4th January
written by Sean Noble

My wife finally ended her boycott of my blog this evening.  She had a good reason to boycott.  She has been suggesting that I start a blog for the last couple years.  Well, I finally did start a blog, and even posted a couple items… but forgot to tell her about it for almost two weeks.  I know, not smart.  Those who know my wife know that she’s very smart and witty.  She also does not suffer fools, hence my ongoing self-inflicted problem.

The point of all this is that she thinks I’ve had a couple posts that were too long.  So, since Shakespeare says brevity is the soul of wit, and I need more wit, I’m going to try to keep these short and to the point.  But I will also post some longer pieces on the “Deep Thinking” portion of the site.

Keep reading, dear.  Please?

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  1. 04/01/2009

    I think the length thus far is just fine. Just because it’s a blog posts not necessarily need by short. A number of blogs post longer form pieces and do so with large readership. Write as much, or little as you feel necessity dictates.

  2. Carol

    Frequent posting is the most important fundamental to a successful blog, so even a brief post is better than no post. Blogs are like conversations. When you hear nothing, you start to make up stuff to fill the void.

  3. Tod

    Thomas and Carol are both directly on point.

    You don’t want to turn a post into a dissertation, brevity is typically appreciated when making a point. However, in depth reporting is also appreciated when it isn’t/can’t be found else where.

    Frequency is critical, if you don’t have a worth while point to make on a regular basis you may not have a need for a blog :-O

    Keep up the (so far) good work! 🙂

  4. Ann

    You are fine, Sean. If it takes more than a few (2-3) paragraphs to make your point, chances are it is a hard sell anyway.

  5. Shanna

    Not that I dare take on your better half but I agree with the other comments that your posts have been fine in length. And please keep them coming!

  6. Brooks

    your wife is smart and witty… unless you had posted this one, I would have thought her fingerprints were all over this.

    although I don’t visit websites daily like so many others, I look forward to more from you.