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3rd January
written by Sean Noble

I took my nine-year-old son, Adam, dove hunting this morning.  He’s gone with me before, but today was the first time he carried a shotgun as well.  He used a .410 borrowed from my good friend Jimmy Merrill.  Adam didn’t hit any birds, but he took a few shots and learned how to aim well enough to hit a can at 20 yards.

There is something special about standing out in the desert on a cool morning with your oldest son talking and shooting and making memories.

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  1. Phil Townsend

    Those are memories that can never be erased. The importance of teaching those values that will carry on for the next generation. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your new site.


  2. Ryan

    Jared and I went quail hunting last month for the first time. I hope to have many more trips like it over the next 10 years, but this is one I’ll always remember.
    Jared was armed with a bb gun — I’ll have to look into a .410.

  3. Kurt

    Hunting is in a man’s soul. Good job in helping a young man discover it.

  4. Lee

    Thanks for sharing that Sean – and nicely done! Sadly I haven’t been out hunting since last October, when my two brothers and I got to share a spectacular mule deer hunt with my 82 yr old father in southeastern AZ.

    We like to spot & stalk, and we successfully did that to take two nice bucks last year. Todd, Jarrett & I did the shooting, and dad was there too, but prefers to stand back and let us do the shooting.

    Dad always sets the example for us, by being proud of our accomplishments and doing the bulk of the work – as you hunters know, once the game is bagged the work begins…and dad never falters.

    Best wishes to all us fathers in being good examples for our kids. Have a great 2009, and be sure to take your kids hunting (daughters can hunt also I’m told, though mine prefer to just chase boys)!

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