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2nd January
written by Sean Noble

We all do it.  We’re sitting in a traffic jam with cars moving at a snail’s pace because there is an accident up ahead.  We get frustrated because if everyone ahead of us just drove, instead of rubber necking, traffic would be moving much better.  But then we get to the accident scene and we HAVE to look, and we go as slow as possible because we thought we caught a glimpse of someone laying on the ground.

I feel like the whole drama with Gov. Blagojevich’s attempt to sell Obama’s Senate seat and then his giving the Democrat establishment the back of his hand with his appointment of Roland Burris is like a bad traffic accident that I just can’t divert my eyes from.

I predicted that Blago would try to take as many people down with him as he could.  The complete train wreck that Obama’s Senate seat has become reads like a cheap drama novel.  From the Democrat Secretary of State refusing to certify Blago’s appointment of Burris, to Burris going to the Ill. State Supreme Court to force the SoS to certify, to Senate Democrat Leaders finding creative ways to block Burris being seated (one plan was to post an armed guard at the Senate doors to prevent Burris from getting on the floor, now they are “buying themselves” 90 days by investigating the credentials of the appointment) this whole deal is a huge distraction for both Obama and Congressional Democrat leadership.  Happy New Year to them.

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  1. Ken

    Reid is fine with blocking Burris but not with blocking Franken……I am happy the Democrats have this problem

  2. 04/02/2009

    Very good site. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again, Gabriel

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