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31st December
written by Sean Noble

Gov. Blagojevich deserves plenty of criticism for his defiant appointment of Roland Burris to Obama’s Senate seat, but the hits he is taking (by the left!) because Burris has contributed money to his campaigns are ridiculous.  There is nothing shocking, unseemly or out of the ordinary for an active Democrat operative to donate and help raise money for a fellow Democrat who happens to be Governor.

To make what amounts to about $10,000 in donations over the course of a few years an issue and imply that it makes the appointment tainted, is to allow leftist “do-gooders” to always use donations as the “proof of corruption” no matter how small.

When Members of Congress can raise $9,600 in one phone call to a wealthy couple, it’s a nearly impossible stretch to claim that Burris’s $10K taints the appointment.  Heck, it’d be a stretch if it were $100K.  I’m not saying that the appointment isn’t tainted – it is, particularly in regards to race – but it isn’t tainted by contributions, and conservatives would do well to leave that one alone.

Opposition based on substance, not leftist-created straw men, is always better ground from which to fight.

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  1. Andy

    If the IL dems are planning to self-destruct, the republicans would do well by letting them (which is what they are doing).

  2. 31/12/2008

    No question, Sean – and this is one of the liberals’ clever ploys to get the right parroting their message. “Strange bedfellows” can be dangerous bedfellows. Great to see you blogging, BTW!

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