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30th December
written by Sean Noble

Greg Patterson runs one of the best blogs in Arizona (and maybe the U.S.).  He wrote about Noble Thinking in a post today which made me laugh out loud.  Here is part of it:

While Sean has a huge advantage over local reporters, I have a huge advantage over him.  I don’t think his Bishop will give him an espresso exemption, so he will be writing without that magic buzz that keeps me going post after post.  

Of course he can substitute energy drinks.  Hey, that’s a great idea because it would allow him to use a better name.  Instead of “Noble Thinking” or “No Bull,”  he could call the blog “Red Bull.”  Dude, that would be awesome.

For one thing, Greg is way more funny than I am, so he’ll always have that advantage.  And, he’s right, given my membership in the LDS Church, I’m not going to get an “espresso exemption” from my Bishop… besides, I happen to be the Bishop in my ward.

I have had an energy drink or two in my day, but I’m not going to change the name of the blog to Rock Star… just seems a little presumptous.

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  1. Carol

    Anyone who can text simultaneously on two different blackberrys and carry on a conversation too doesn’t need more buzz! What’s left…blinking out Morse code?

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