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28th December
written by Sean Noble

No, I’m not talking about my blog… but it could work.

The Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic devoted a front page, top of the fold, huge headline story to the inaugural run of “light rail” in the Valley of the Sun.  An estimated 90,000 people showed up for the free ride.  The article was typical “isn’t this great!” hype, but there were a few nuggets that made me crack a smile. 

“I was trying to beat the crowd, of course there’s no crowd,” was a comment by a guy who showed up at 6:00 a.m. to stand alone for nearly three hours waiting for his free ride.

Or this lady, “We’re just riding to Tempe, Mill Avenue, for lunch and riding back. And then we can say we did it.”  That doesn’t sound like somone planning to do it again.

Of the 90,000 people that officials say rode the rail on opening day, it will interesting to watch what the average ridership is when the novelty wears off and it starts costing money to get on the train.

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  1. Ann

    Great site, Sean. I’m not doing much posting these days as it seems to have become a means of torching the thoughts of others and sort of the mean-girls playground mentality.

    Your fresh approach is wonderful!

  2. Valley Republican

    I guess I expected too much. Like real thought and real sugggestions to solve real problems.

    Guess it’s too hard to escape the political trap you built for yourself over the years to be everything to everybody.

  3. Brent

    Hey Sean, congrats on the site. I look forward to being able to stay on top of AZ politics through a voice I trust. As for the light rail…I differ from most of my conservative friends in AZ in my view of this project (or boondoggle…depending on your point of view). I’ve always believed that it was a necessary piece of the puzzle to solve the overall transportation problems the valley faces, but not a cure all. I can tell you that after living in a city that has such a system for almost a year, I would find it hard to live in a city that didn’t have a light rail system. I hope that the system in Phoenix is a success.

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