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28th December
written by Sean Noble

This graph shows why the push to alternative energy faces a rocky road.  We are a petroleum-based economy and $4-a-gallon gasoline had people talking up getting off our “addiction” to oil.  I believe we need to be working toward expanding our energy options – but the reality is that cheap gas means low incentive to change. 

T. Boone Pickens has picked wind and natural gas as winners in this deal.  But world markets still favor oil.  I applaud the “Pickens Plan” but it’s harder to sell when gas is less than $1.50-a-gallon. 

I still favor nuclear more than anything else.  It has smallest footprint-per-kilowatt-hour (yes, I care about unslightly stuff – like windmills and solar panels) and it is pretty much emissions-free.  If the French can figure out how to run their country on 80% nuclear (which I have seen first-hand), we have no excuses.

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  1. Evets

    How can we let the French pass us? You’re right on. Good job Sean!

  2. 29/12/2008

    Did you see the op-ed two days ago by Friedman in the NYT? The premise is the same but the method is much different. The interesting part not mentioned by the article, is this is exactly how the Chinese are doing it. I am guessing you will not be supportive of this approach, and as Friedman points out, neither will our new president.

  3. Ken

    First, congrats on the new blog. I discovered it via Greg Patterson’s blog.

    Second, who says that wind turbines and solar modules are unsightly? Is not beauty in the eye of the beholder? And don’t some people pay thousands of $$ to go to the Netherlands to see windmills?

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