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23rd December
written by Sean Noble

The Washington Post reports today that officials are cutting in half their initial projections of the size of the crowd at Obama’s inauguration.

I suspect this will be the first in a series of adjustments made to expectations as the Obama administration gets started. It doesn’t help that Obama promised to “change” Washington by cleaning it up, and you have his incoming Chief of Staff dodging the media to avoid talking about the Blago disaster.

Sure, Obama has near rock-star appeal, but hyper-inflating the estimates on how many people will show up on a cold January morning in D.C. ends up making the incoming Administration look weak when the crowds don’t materialize. Hence, the revised estimates.

It’s true that Congressional offices have had a record number of requests for tickets to the inauguration. Demand in most offices is twice or three times the number of available tickets. Of course, anyone can lob a request into a Congressional office, it is another thing to book a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room and otherwise spend a few thousand bucks to stand in the cold for a few hours.

Needless-to-say, it will be interesting to watch, which I will do from the comfort of my family room and at night since I’m going to tivo it.

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  1. Big Red

    Did you hear that he was using Lincoln’s bible.

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