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21st December
written by Sean Noble

Gov. Blagojevich made a statement yesterday that he was innocent and he was going to fight on. He has lost all credibility, and you can give him credit for standing his ground, but he’s going to hurt Democrats badly. Two reasons he is standing firm: more negotiating power when dealing with prosecutors (“If you resign, we won’t seek jail time”) and he’s really unhappy to be in this predicament and he’s going to take down as many people as he can as he falls.

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  1. jack

    I agree, cool blog. I will try to read it more often

  2. Big Red

    I hope he takes as many people down as he can. Do you think it will lead to Obama or is the golden boy too invincible?

  3. […] predicted that Blago would try to take as many people down with him as he could.  The complete train wreck […]

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